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The World's Greatest Pudding is Back!

Although my situation changed...My Why is still the same...I created this product for you with Love! Est. 2008


Chef Mygi

Chef Mygi Owner of Dainty Puddings & Creator of Pudding On Smiles

If you've been to Dallas Farmers Market under the SHED anytime from Summer 2016 until 2019 you have heard the phrase "Would you like to try The World's Greatest Pudding?" and you were lucky enough to sample it you knew at that very moment it was created to bring back memories of nostalgia of family and it was indeed the best Pudding you've ever tasted with so many different flavors to choose from.

I am back with my amazing thick and creamy Pudding recipe that made your toes curl. I have always had a deep passion for Pastry arts. Every creative has their medium and for me creating delectable treats that not only looked good but tasted amazing was mine. I created this particular recipe in 2008 after being at a family function for 4th of July and my Aunty made (experimented) a cooked jello Pudding with ginger snaps that was just not the best thing on the table. Now I've tried banana pudding a few times before and it's never just wowed me or had a consistent consistency anytime I've tasted it. So I went to work on what I wanted Pudding to taste like and that's how I created the recipe that day. The first person to sample it was my Aunty and she loved it later after a tragedy with my boyfriend's mom at the time he missed her Pudding and I made it for him and he also loved it. From there I took it to family events, work potlucks, had it on my dessert menu at my first bakery "Mygis Bakery Cafe" and it was always the talk of the day and the first thing to go on the table. It was at that moment I knew I had a recipe like none other.

Fast forward to 2013, Life happened and I found out I was pregnant with my first child. As I went through the first trimester I found out I had early onset pre-eclampsia and lupus anticoagulant so I was placed on hospital bed rest for about a month and gave birth to my amazing micro-preemie princess through emergency C-section the day after Christmas she was born at 24 weeks, 11oz and under developed lungs. So pivoting to a full time hospital mom at Cook Children's all my time and energy shifted to the survival of my baby girl. After almost a year in the hospital she was finally cleared to go home in October 2014 with a tracheostomy and a g-tube beginning our New Normal way of life. 

Fast forward again LOL to 2016 life progressed my Princess surpassed above and beyond all the limitations through different therapies, amazing home nurses and foot  braces to learn how to walk. I wanted to reignite my passion with Pastry and as I revisited my menu I wanted to give my Pudding a whole new direction. I always thought why couldn't Pudding have different flavors like every other dessert ie Ice cream & cheesecake so I wanted to make it happen, I wasn't sure if it was going to work but I definitely wanted to make it happen. There wasn't anything on the market in Texas at the time. So I wanted to sell my product at the Dallas Farmers Market but I was more of a behind the scenes leave me to creating kind of gal. So my princess's father and husband at the time was the face and we started selling grassroots at the Dallas Farmers Market under the SHED on Saturdays & Sundays. The product spoke for itself we had unique Pudding flavors like Red Velvet, Triple Cookie, Matcha, Coffee,  Cookies N Cream and many more flavors. We grew faster than expected and started in our first Grocery store which was Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Texas in 2017 then many other Mom & Pop Grocery stores then before you knew it we were on the shelves at the HEB Specialty Store Central Market in 2018. We grew faster then we understood and didn't have the financial capacity to withhold that growth. Due to the financial strain we closed abruptly in 2019 with the hopes of reopening in 2020.

Then, LOL, 2020 happened 😂 at this point since we're past it I can laugh to keep from crying. The world shut down, we were displaced again and we went through a tumultuous divorce! We'll just end that there.

So now here we are in the present 2021 rebuilding from the ground up. Allow me to reintroduce myself as I Reignite my passion once again coming to you with the same mission of bringing the joy to family time through dessert. So join me in welcoming Dainty Puddings to the Dessert World where I will create all things Puddings and desserts. I am excited to be back doing what I love and sharing that through my desserts with you all.

MYGI- Magical,  Yummy & Gifted Individual 

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